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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2014

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Andrew P. Robinson

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Susan Smith

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Won Capstone Funding


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Marketing | Other Film and Media Studies


The Syracuse University student body is overflowing with brilliance. Over the course of their four years on campus, many Syracuse students engage in truly amazing academic initiatives. Currently, there is no single resource that captures the stories and accomplishments of the university’s most talented students. I have set out to address this opportunity, by creating a website that celebrates and shares the stories of the Syracuse University students. ! I have created STIR, an online resource featuring video testimonials from outstanding Syracuse University students. The website has four main missions. First, to share the stories of Syracuse University talent with a larger audience, second to transform thinking on campus to foster ambition and motivation. A third goal of the site is to inspire other members of the Syracuse University community to pursue impressive undertakings. Finally, the resource will recognize the achievements and hard work of these individuals, something that is too done far too infrequently across disciplines. These four verbs not only represent the purpose of the website, but also form the name as well: S.T.I.R. ! STIR can be accessed at the url It is my hope that sharing these stories, transforming thinking, inspiring others, and recognizing outstanding student accomplishments, will foster heightened ambition and to instill confidence among Syracuse University students. ! 2

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