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Honors Capstone Project

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Winter 5-1-2014

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Architecture | Other Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


The design proposal for a health center and urban network of active pathways in Pittsburgh, PA is the cumulative result of two semesters of research and a partenership between myself and Emily Sholder (non-honors; B. Arch. May 2014). The ideas behind the research and design work included within originated from the pressing need to address physical health issues, educational shortcomings, and community disparagement present in many cities in the United States today. By addressing these issues at the scale of the individual, the school, and the urban environment through design in public space, we feel that architecture can empower people, schools, and cities to begin to solve such problems. We have explored the role of architecture in public spaces of both the United States and other countries and found a strong correlation between how spaces are used and the physical and emotional results of such spaces. In the case of our collective design, we explore how design can influence the ways that people move through, learn about, and interact with their surrounding communities. The work presented within is intended to be a representation of my personal contribution to the project and as a testament to the benefits of collaborative design work in architectural education. Some work within may not have been directly of fully produced by myself; however, all research presented is a result of mutual agreement and all design production is a result of mutual effort between Emily and myself.

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