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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2005

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Arts and Science

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Social Sciences

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Cultural History | History | Other History | Social History | Women's History


This thesis tracks the development of Vera House Inc., a sheltering domestic violence agency inSyracuse,New York, from its conception in 1973 to its opening in 1977 to its programmatic development 1980's-present. The introduction provides the historical context of Vera House's opening with an overview of the Battered Women's Movement and its formation in the 1970's. The body of the thesis is broken into two sections: Planting Seeds and Expanding Roots. The first section, Planting Seeds, discusses the historical development of Vera House as a sheltering service inSyracuse,New York. The second section, Expanding Roots, covers the programmatic growth of Vera House, 1980's-present, and examines the transformation of Vera House from a sheltering service into an agency dedicated to end domestic violence. This thesis concludes by examining the present status of the agency and briefly discusses its future growth. In addition to telling the history of Vera House, this thesis includes a brief overview of the dynamics of domestic violence.

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