Rachel Fus

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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2008

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Public Communications

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The problem was funding. I wanted it but was denied it. And so my Honors Capstone Project Part III took the form of a senior show on sports photography. I endeavored to recreate the standard photography show by encorporating various media into one collaborative project.

Sports photography is usually to be the bottom of the food chain when it comes to field. It is just like sports in general are considered to be lower class, lower culture than theater and opera and ballet. Even most photographers think getting a shot is just luck and keeping their finger on the motor drive. Sports shooters themselves though realize it takes a certain type of individual, one who has the understanding of the game and reflexes that rival the players, to be a good sports photographer, one who will make is past the “daily” image and capture something great. I endeavored with this capstone to bring that knowledge to the public.

This piece was created in myriad of different programs from Cubic Converter for the QTVR to SoundSlides for the audio/visual stories. Photoshop CS3 was vital for the color correcting, cropping and other imaging tools for the singles, while both Audacity and Garageband were used for the audio. Everything was brought together in Final Cut Pro for final formatting of all the pieces and then burned to disc after the creation of menus using iDVD. The piece is now viewable on any standard DVD player.

This piece taught me a lot about myself as well as the current industry. The Capstone project pushed me beyond the standard, what was being taught in my classes, and allowed me to explore a multitude of programs and possibilities in sports photography while fulfilling my original purpose of education. I believe watching this project brings to the viewer a new appreciation to the field of sports photography.

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