Lindsey Morel

Degree Type

Honors Capstone Project

Date of Submission

Spring 5-1-2009

Capstone Advisor

Edward Russell

Honors Reader

Brian Sheehan

Capstone Major


Capstone College

Public Communications

Audio/Visual Component


Capstone Prize Winner


Won Capstone Funding


Honors Categories


Subject Categories

Advertising and Promotion Management | Public Relations and Advertising


The following thesis aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. The problem is that of measuring the effectiveness of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty in a form deeper than numbers. As the campaign held a secondary goal of changing women’s perceptions of beauty, so should the evaluation. Thus, two measures will be employed.

First, the following thesis evaluates the campaigns effect on society by examining how the issue of beauty at large was and is communicated. Data was collected on beauty by drawing from experience, researching eating disorders, and exploring a feminist approach to the underlying causes of dissatisfaction with appearances.

Second, it evaluates its effect on the brand by exploring the use of cause marketing as a tool to increase sales. Data includes research on the best ways, times and methods to use cause marketing.

A deep description of the campaign itself is included to showcase the ways in which Dove paired with advertising agency Ogilvy to communicate its message. Included are subjective interpretations of the reasons for which each set of ads in the campaign were launched and public evaluations via blogs, interviews, and statistics.

I argue that the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is effective both in terms of the brand and society in that it reinvigorated a previously irrelevant brand with an relevant message that is working to reshape notions of beauty.

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