Jeff Peters

Degree Type

Honors Capstone Project

Date of Submission

Spring 5-1-2009

Capstone Advisor

Stephen Meyer

Honors Reader

Bob Halligan, Jr.

Capstone Major


Capstone College

Public Communications

Audio/Visual Component


Capstone Prize Winner


Won Capstone Funding


Honors Categories


Subject Categories

Film and Media Studies | Radio | Television


My capstone project involves creating an original musical score to an independent film. As the music is so invested in the narrative of the film, all work leading up to the actual composition of the music was on the history of film scoring and possible technical and creative methods, learned in classes on the subject. This knowledge and hands-on practice provided me with some limited experience, but this film was the first practical application of my composing skills.

My extensive background in music allowed me to perform all of the parts heard in the score. It was my job to compose music that would supplement the story portrayed on screen. Using every resource available to me, including instruments, recording software, technological facilities, other musicians, and subject research, I composed, performed, recorded, and edited all of the music heard in the film.

While there is no problem that the score solves per se, it is a vital part of the film as a whole. By using music to parallel or contradict the visuals, a whole new layer of understanding and analysis is placed upon the story. Working in conjunction with the director, whose vision I am helping to complete, is precisely the type of collaboration present in the film industry today.

My goals in completing this project were to accurately portray, sonically, the feelings, moods, and director’s vision for the film and to have a score worthy of featuring in my portfolio. I believe that I accomplished these goals, but for me it is only a beginning. This film should be viewed as the beginning of my career in music for film.

Second FINAL (517014 kB)

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