Jillian Zarem

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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 4-1-2010

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Professor Robert Kucharavy

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Dr. Shannon Bowen

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Public Relations

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Public Communications

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Won Capstone Funding


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Advertising and Promotion Management


Hillel at Syracuse University is an organization on campus with the mission of, “Creating a diverse, dynamic, and welcoming Jewish community on the Syracuse University Campus” (“Hillel at Syracuse University,” 2009). Hillel offers a wide variety of programs in order to fulfill the aforementioned mission statement including:

  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Community Service Experiences
  • Cultural and Religious Events
  • Educational and Informational Sessions
  • Student Facilities including Gym, Kosher Dining Hall, Library, and so on

When exploring Hillel’s various opportunities, there is one program in particular that reaches out to students in a way that no other program has done before.

FreshFest, Hillel’s pre-orientation program, is open to all incoming and transfer students, and is planned and run by the Hillel staff and upperclassman facilitators. FreshFest includes the opportunity for students to move into their dormitories early, meet upperclassman and other incoming students prior to the start of classes, learn more about the Syracuse University campus, participate in community service projects and other social activities.

In 2009, Hillel’s FreshFest program was the largest pre-orientation program among all the programs offered by the university, hosting over 100 incoming and transfer students and 35 upperclassman facilitators. FreshFest is not only a terrific opportunity for the participants, but it also enables Hillel to fulfill its mission statement and increase publicity and awareness on the Syracuse University campus and will continue to do so for years to come.

This Capstone Project closely examines how FreshFest directly impacts Hillel’s presence on campus by looking at the planning, execution and promotion of the program itself as well as providing key recommendations and suggestions for the future of the program. Further, this project will also look at how FreshFest satisfies Hillel’s mission statement.

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