Alex Pines

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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2011

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Thomas Kennedy

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Bruce Strong

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Broadcast and Digital Journalism

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Public Communications

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OUR COAST is a personal inquiry of the effects of urbanization and coastal development on surf culture in California. OUR COAST aims to emphasize a deeper cultural understanding of the depreciating effects that urbanization and expensive development projects are having on the ocean and people who view the ocean as a way of life. Urbanization has increased dramatically in California and development has taken over nearly 90% of the coast. Extreme weather changes are beginning to degrade the current landscape and force families out of their homes.

California is experiencing a detrimental state of expanding urbanization. In just over two generations, more than ninety percent of California’s coastline has been lost to development. Coastal conditions are constantly getting worse as erosion takes out historical surf breaks, degrades current structural conditions, and reduces public beach access.

OUR COAST is a visual documentary that spans the entire coast of California and introduces subjects who are most affected and most knowledgeable about the transformation of the coast. The documentary combines stills, video, motion graphics and audio to give an overall feel of being frozen in a moment, while also giving the viewer a chance to experience the motion and sounds of the water. OUR COAST is made entirely in Final Cut Pro and After Effects and utilizes key aspects of motion graphics, visual sequencing and multimedia ­storytelling. The editing style is meant to take the viewer on a moving journey along the coast told through the perspective of ocean experts and active surfers.

This piece aims to educate individuals and families about what coastal communities face when poor or rash environmental planning comes into play. While pollution is a concern for the entire world, I want this piece to portray the effects of ocean pollution and how it can affect communities hundreds of miles away.

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