Degree Type

Honors Capstone Project

Date of Submission

Spring 5-1-2012

Capstone Advisor

Lawrence Popielinski

Capstone Major

Information Management and Technology

Capstone College

Information Studies

Audio/Visual Component


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Won Capstone Funding


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Subject Categories

Communication Technology and New Media | Social Media


The capabilities of technology today can solve problems that have plagued mankind since the establishment of civilization. In its assent over the past decade or two, technology has been leveraged to close gaps in communication, cure diseases, and explore propel mankind into a new renaissance, one in which information is more bountiful and accessible than ever before. Although the project I embarked on a little more than a year ago will not solve global woes or usher in the next great evolution of our social existence, it is using technology for the betterment of mankind nonetheless.

Sophia Bernard and I created our capstone from the need to use our educations for the betterment of society and to utilize digital, social, and multimedia for a good cause. The manifestation of this endeavor took shape in our partnership with Assumption Food Pantry in north Syracuse. This food pantry serves hundreds upon hundreds of those in need in the Syracuse area, a region of the state that has experienced notable atrophy over the past decade and took an especially hard hit during the recession.

We set out to make Assumption Food Pantry a visible and vibrant entity by immersing them in a full digital creation campaign. By creating a website that is not only aesthetically appealing and functional, not also easy for pantry administrators to use on the back-end, we hoped to help them spread their message, recruit volunteers and become more visible for sorely-needed government grants. By presenting them with a social media proposal and setting up their social media accounts, we aimed to help them connect with their clients, their volunteers, and engage in conversation in the nonprofit community. By developing Public Service Announcements and short documentaries, we hoped to shine a light on what exactly it is to work at a food pantry, and more importantly, what it means when one is on the receiving end of this service. Sophia and I knew we could use our skills in technology and media creation to help an organization that not only needs it, but thoroughly deserves it.

Taking into consideration our specific specialties, Sophia and I decided to split the work by focus. Sophia came up with the concept for all of the films, filmed them and edited them into the packages available on the site. I took charge of the technological aspects, researching the needs of the pantry, assessing the technological capabilities of the pantry administrators, designing and implementing the website, and creating guides to allow the pantry to be able to make their own changes and updates.

It is with joy that we deliver our products over to Assumption Food Pantry, and with hope that we yearn to see these products draw in new volunteers, provide information to the needy, make the pantry more visible for grants, and see a real connection made between the Assumption and all who wish to enter into some kind of relationship with them. This project was challenging in a spattering of ways. It compelled me to take tangents of my own education and connect the dots between them to be able to deliver this final product. although it may be with higher blood pressure and a tad less hair that I deliver this project, the challenges have been far eclipsed by my satisfaction with it and with my optimism that Sophia and I have been able to make a difference.

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