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Honors Capstone Project

Date of Submission

Spring 5-1-2019

Capstone Advisor

Yang Wang

Honors Reader

Deb Nosky

Capstone Major

Information Management and Technology

Capstone College

Information Studies

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Won Capstone Funding


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Subject Categories

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics | Computer Sciences | Databases and Information Systems


Traditional homes have become increasingly filled with Internet-connected devices, turning them into “smart homes.” Currently, research around privacy concerns with smart home devices has focused on the end users. The goal for our research is to understand the perceptions and desired privacy mechanisms from the perspective of a different stakeholder, i.e., the bystanders. Bystanders in this context are individuals who are not the owner or primary user of smart home devices but are potentially affected by the device usage, such as house guests or family members. In order to understand this, we conducted a focus group study with co-design activities to discover bystanders’ perceptions of smart home devices as well as their desired protections and privacy designs. Through seven focus groups with 18 participants, we revealed different bystanders’ concerns (e.g. data sharing) and the factors that affected the bystanders’ perceptions (e.g. device company trust). Using the participants’ desires for the privacy mechanism designs (e.g. awareness of device), we created our own design based on what we learned. Our designs considered the participants’ perceptions and summarized what one should consider when creating privacy mechanisms for bystanders of smart home devices.

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