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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-2017

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Carl Schramm

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Carl Schramm

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The house, as one of the most fundamental architectural archetypes, has long been used as unbuilt or built manifestos to declare the avant-garde of the discipline. Formally they are likely to offer the most intimate scale at which to work and symbolically they have always maintained a potent force, both as vivid representation of lives lived inside their walls and as a powerful influence over the changing course of architecture over the centuries (Rapoport). Iconic houses have become part of an essential language and shorthand of architecture itself.

Follow me as I investigate a return to the design of a house as a manifesto for today’s online-offline generation. The house of today for tomorrow will strive to represent our virtual “curated” lives in our physical reality, questioning the very precepts of what a house should be and do.

As designers, we need to re-visualize design concepts to create architecture that integrates and corresponds to the way we dwell. Innovating design in the same way technology and digitalization have been innovating production and the way we live. This thesis investigates a return to the design of a house as a manifesto, focusing on today’s advanced modes of fabrication and evolving ways of living to challenge the current design mindset.

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