This study examines how India uses digital media to connect with its diaspora as part of its diaspora diplomacy. In order to analyze the strategy and its effectiveness, the study operationalized Cowan and Arsenault’s (2008) theoretical framework of three layers of public diplomacy – monologue, dialogue and collaboration – by identifying corresponding layers of social media components. The study draws a more distinctive line between dialogue and collaboration in digital strategies: dialogic entail relationship-building and knowledge sharing, while collaboration creates ownership, relationship transformation and knowledge creation. This analytical lens was then applied specifically to assess the website of Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre, or OIFC, a joint venture between Indian government and the country’s largest trade body, the Confederation of Indian Industry. The study found the OIFC website is geared heavily toward monologue form of communication, emphasizing dissemination of information over genuine dialogue or relationship building with diaspora.





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