Date of Award

August 2017

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Cultural Foundations of Education


Dalia Rodriguez


Colorism, Mexico, Racism

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This study will open the discourse on inequity and its maintenance through colorism in

Mexico. The largest percent of the population is a mixture of indigenous and Spanish

descent. This is where racism via colorism occurs. Considered only as one group,

mestizos of a lighter skin color have more resemblance to being of white Spanish descent

and therefore are accepted over mestizos of darker skin color, who have a resemblance to

indigenous people. Racism is scarcely documented in Mexico. It is systematically

embedded in political, cultural and economic practices; and therefore limits democratic

and inclusive practices for all. Working with high school and college students, this study

will uncover students' experiences with colorism and racism by focusing on the ways in

which everyday practices maintain a system of inequality.


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