Date of Award

May 2017

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Business Administration


Kira K. Reed


corporate social responsibility, gender, initial public offering, institutional context, institutional theory, uncertainty

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This dissertation investigates the impact of institutional heterogeneity, which arises due to variations in institutional context, on a market and a non-market transaction. It draws from institutional theory and organizational institutionalism, and contributes to organization theory, corporate social responsibility, gender, and initial public offering literatures. In the two chapters that make up this dissertation, I theorize and empirically show that the institutional context varies not only between countries or groups of countries, but also domestically; and this variation has a statistically significant and economically meaningful impact on organizations. In the first chapter of this dissertation I focus on a market transaction, initial public offerings (IPO), and show that a change in institutional context leads to a lower IPO performance due to high financial uncertainty; in the second chapter, the focus is on a non-market transaction, corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. This chapter theorizes and empirically shows that women in high executive roles as well as states that are governed by the Democratic Party lead to higher CSR activities, and state’s ‘color’ moderates the relationship between gender and CSR.


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