Date of Award

December 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Public Relations


Dennis Kinsey


Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, nation branding, public relations

Subject Categories

Social and Behavioral Sciences



Studies across several disciplines, including marketing, political science and culture studies, have already touched on the concept of nation branding. Different experts with distinct academic backgrounds look at nation branding from different angles. This paper first takes a critical review of the conceptualizations of nation branding and then revisits the public relations theories, followed by a synthesis of public relations concepts with nation branding in a case study of the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony. It also seeks to open a conversation within the field of communication and public relations on the trend of nation branding. With an aim of contributing to the theoretical development of nation branding, the author attempts to review classic public relations theories and seeks for possibilities to integrate public relations theories into this fast-growing field.

Because nation branding is an umbrella term, the author narrows the research field to the case study of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. By comparatively analyzing the commentaries of the Opening Ceremony from CCTV and Australia Seven, this study attempts to to bring the Chinese nation branding events into the lenses of image management and communication.


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