Date of Award

May 2016

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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Reza Zafarani


data mining, data science, gender bias, gender inequality, machine learning, teaching reviews

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Career growth in academia is often dependent on student reviews of university profes-

sors. A growing concern is how evaluation of teaching has been affected by gender biases

throughout the reviewing process. However, pinpointing the exact causes and consequen-

tial effects of this form of gender inequality has been a hard task.

Current work focusses on university-wide student reviewing system, that depends on

objective responses on a Likert scale to measure various aspects of an instructor’s qual-

ity. Through our work, we access online student review data which are not limited by

geographies, universities, or disciplines.

Thereafter, we come up with a systematic approach to assess the various ways in which

gender inequality is apparent from the student reviews. We also suggest a possible way

in which bias related to the gender of a professor could be detected from both objective

numerical measures and subjective opinions in reviews. Finally, we assess a logistic re-

gression learning algorithm to find the most important factors that can help in identifying

gender inequality.


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