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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Counseling and Human Services


Luke, Melissa


clinical supervision, Counselor educators, international counseling students, international students

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The present study employed Q methodology to answer the research question of what the shared subjective understanding of counselor educators (CEs) is about what necessary clinical supervision interventions are for the professional development of international counseling students (ICSs). Based on the review of current clinical supervision literature, the researcher created a Q sort that addresses what ICSs believe as helpful or could have been helpful supervision interventions on improving their professional development. The 32 CEs who participated in the present study ranked the 38 items on the Q sort based on their subjective understanding of the most and least necessary supervision interventions when supervising ICSs. The findings of the present study provided an understanding of typology of CEs’ perspective on implementing various supervision interventions within a clinical supervision context. Additionally, the researcher drew implications on counselor education, supervision, and future research based on the findings. Keywords: counselor educators, international counseling students, international students, clinical supervision


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Available for download on Monday, January 13, 2025

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