Date of Award

May 2019

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Jay K. Lee

Second Advisor

Jun H. Choi


antenna array, frequency scanning antenna, metamaterial, periodic structure, phase shifter, stripline

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In this dissertation composite right/left-handed striplines are proposed as viable key structures in antenna array applications, enabling reduction of the overall feed network sizes as well as allowing integration opportunities and possible reduction of radiating beam pattern distortions.

A via-less composite right/left-handed stripline unit cell is introduced as an option to attain right/left-handed performance in stripline with a via-less fabrication process that is not sensitive to drill positioning errors and is amenable to academic settings. An analysis of the passbands of this structure based on the distributed transmission line circuit theory is provided as well as a description of the method utilized to tune the performance.

Three different application scenarios are explored using variations of the via-less composite right/left-handed stripline in the feed networks. The first application is a linear frequency scanning antenna array in which arbitrary radiating elements may be used. The second application is in a 2D planar frequency scanning array that has the capability of steering radiated beams over most of a hemisphere. The last one is in a wideband phase shifting network that can be used to excite a circularly polarized antenna array. Comparisons to the traditional unit cell with vias are provided when appropriate, as well as comparisons to non composite right/left-handed approaches traditionally used for each application.

This practical research is supported by extensive 3D electromagnetic simulations and, for the via-less solutions, validated through scattering parameters and radiation pattern measurements of fabricated prototypes. The fabrication process is described in detail with emphasis on aspects that have the most significant effect on overall performance. The measured results presented are in good agreement with simulated predictions, bolstering the case for the use of composite right/left-handed striplines in antenna array feed networks.


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