Electromagnetic scattering from an arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional inhomogeneous chiral body

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Ercument Arvas


Electromagnetic, Scattering, Three-dimensional, Inhomogeneous, Chiral

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


This work is a result of an extensive research related to the electromagnetic scattering by various three-dimensional inhomogeneous bodies, with the concentration on inhomogeneous chiral scatterers as a general case. In order to achieve quantities that describe electromagnetic behavior in the close proximity as well as far distance from an electromagnetic scatterer illuminated by a plane electromagnetic wave, the method of moments (MoM) has been used.

First, a volume equivalence principle has been applied to switch from an original problem to an equivalent problem, more convenient to be solved numerically. Scatterers of interest carried inhomogeneous properties; hence, a volume mesh had to be developed. We used tetrahedral meshing cells that have many advantages compared to simple cubical cells.

Numerical solution to Maxwell's equations using a volume equivalence principle and integral equations based on Green's functions led to various volume integrals which we evaluated using different techniques. First, some special cases of scatterers have been considered, for instance, homogeneous and inhomogeneous dielectric and magnetic spheres and cubes. Obtained results have been compared to previous work in this area and an excellent agreement has been met.

Then, we concentrated our work on the electromagnetic scattering by both homogeneous and inhomogeneous chiral scatterers. Again, results obtained through the developed approach have been compared to the exact and existing numerical results and they were found to be in an excellent agreement.

During the course of this research, special attention has been paid to scatterers that may find an application in a wide area of applied electromagnetics.


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