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A kinetic analysis of cleavage of simian virus DNA (SV40 DNA) inside and outside green monkey BSC-I cells by the enediyne-protein antibiotic C-1027 and its free chromophore is described. Information on rate constants was obtained by fitting populations of forms I (closed circular DNA), II (nicked circular DNA) and III (linear DNA) of SV4f.J DNA as a function of drug concentration to a kinetic model which includes: cutting of form I to give form II with rate constant k1. cutting of form I to give form III with rate constant k4, and cutting of form II to give form III with rate constant k2. Theratio of single-strand (ss) to double-strand (ds) cutting for the holoantibiotic and the free chromophore. k1/k4, is approximately 1.8 for extracellular SV40 DNA. For intracellular DNA and extracellular DNA which has been post-treated with putrescine, ds cutting is much more probable, with k4, about four times as large as k1. This observation suggests that amine groups present in the cell are able to convert abasic sites opposite an ss break into a ds break in SV40 chkomatin. The overall rate of cleavage of form-1 DNA inside the cell is much larger than the rate outside, the sum k1 + k4 being about three times as large for intracellular DNA as for extracellular DNA.

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