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Just a few months ago, here in the dome, our graduating students heard from Vice President Joe Biden, a graduate of the SU College of Law. As I look at you today, some of his words keep going through my mind. He said that we are standing at an inflection point in history, where the curve shifts, everything comes together and everything changes. The same can be said for you today – this is your inflection point, when you can shape not only your future, but all of ours. As Biden said: “Absent … input and leadership, the world will continue to careen in the direction the momentum is now taking” us. “Do nothing,” he said, “or take history into our own hands and bend it to the service of a better day.” Now, how do you, at this inflection point in your life, help us take history into our own hands? How do we bend the direction of the economy, the education of children, the sustainability of the planet, the possibilities for peace, the relations between peoples, sending the curves upward for a change?


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