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This is the first in a series of reports that will provide data on several government services provided by 20 municipalities in Onondaga County: 19 towns and the city of Syracuse. This publication is part of the ongoing research activities of the Community Benchmarks Program (CBP) and is intended as a demonstration project. The purpose of this study is to illustrate the usefulness of benchmarks as a means of improving government performance. This report begins with the display of basic demographic information, and is followed by individual demonstration studies in the areas of responsiveness to CBP requests for information and local property assessment. These studies “demonstrate” the use of benchmarking through a presentation of qualitative and quantitative indicators as well as overall municipal grades. Responsiveness and property assessment were chosen as demonstration studies because a comprehensive set of indicators were developed for each and reliable data were collected. Following the in-depth presentation of the two areas, municipal comparisons are provided in the areas of: (1) clerk, (2) code enforcement, (3) financial management, (4) highways/streets, and (5) parks and recreation. Selected indicators for each of the five areas are presented and serve as a framework for discussions on a more comprehensive list of measures.


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