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Onondaga County


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The purpose of this report is to present information collected from Onondaga County high schools through a comparative study of how well students are prepared for college and/or a future career following graduation. This report will be used in conjunction with 3C Skills ( to further the discussion of the state of education in Onondaga County and possible solutions. There is evidence that high school students often graduate without the skills that are needed in college and that are necessary for employment. For example, The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) performed an observation study of schools across New York State that compared Regents exam scores to early college success. They found that a passing score on a Regents exam of 65 was not a good predictor of student performance in college. In other words, graduating high school does not necessarily equate to college-readiness. Furthermore, employers across the country have been voicing complaints about the lack of preparedness of new hires. The bottom line, which is explored in detail in this report’s Introduction, is that the education system is often producing graduates illequipped for either college or career. This report provides a catalog of information about what is occurring locally to serve as a catalyst for families, educators and the media to look beyond test scores in determining the future success of students as they enroll in college, enter careers and hopefully embark on a life-long path of civic engagement.


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