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Download Heteronormativity and Teaching at Syracuse University by Susan Adams (151 KB)

Download Cartography of (Un)Intelligibility: A Migrant Intellectual's Tale of the Field by Huei-Hsuan Lin (165 KB)

Download The Invisible Presence of Sexuality in the Classroom by Ahoura Afshar (155 KB)

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Download (Un)Straightening the Syracuse University Landscape by Aman Luthra (157 KB)

Download Echoes of Silence: Experiences of LGBT College Students at SU by Rachel Moran and Brian Stout (156 KB)

Download The Importance of LGBT Allies by Camille Baker (146 KB)

Download Queer TAs in the Classroom: Perspectives on Coming Out by Eldar Beiseitov and Payal Banerjee (115 KB)

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Download Understanding Current LGBT-Related Policies and Debates by Nicole Dimetman (160 KB)

Download (Trans)Gendering the Classroom by Rob S. Pusch (150 KB)

Download International Students and Sexuality at Syracuse University by Sidney Greenblatt (151 KB)

Download Part Two Responsible Pedagogy (17 KB)

Download Constant Queering: Practicing Responsible Pedagogy at Syracuse University by Elizabeth Sierra-Zarella (201 KB)

Download Towards a LBGT Studies Minor by Margaret Himley, Adrea Jaehnig, Andrew London, and Jonathan Massey (150 KB)

Download Part Three: LGBT Teaching Resources (17 KB)

Download Using Film Inclusively: Or, Queering Your Classroom by Dean Allbritton (124 KB)

Download Syracuse University Campus LGBT Resources by Justin Welch (108 KB)

Download City of Syracuse LGBT Resources by Justin Welch (122 KB)

Download Online LGBT Resources by Kathleen Farrell (115 KB)

Download Citations for Classroom and Other Campus-Related LGBT Texts by Adina Mulliken (145 KB)

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Interrupting Heteronormativity: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pedagogy and Responsible Teaching at Syracuse University

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