Gabriel Swire

Document Type

Thesis Prep

Publication Date

Fall 2005




Museum, spatial overlap, cancer, viewing, Manhattan, cancer center






"How can we study overlapping of space, and even deeper, the interactions that occur in those spaces? View becomes a powerful connection that links spaces and talks about the interaction within a singular space. Gaze, discussed by Lacan and Foucault, creates a basis of exploring possible overlapping of spaces through human interaction. The gaze is a conceptual idea that allows the dissecting of social norms of space to reveal these connections and communications between them.

The objective of a museum is to create an ideal environment for interaction of people and art. the galleries and public spaces are the major elements within this system of experiences. Can we use this museum typology for education of something else besides understanding art? This idea of the museum, understood as a center for meditation and experience of art, can be used in a similar way with understanding cancer.

The contemporary museum space incorporates personal experiences and education of understanding of content. This rethinking of a museum in the study of cancer creates a system of spaces the begin a dialogue of cancer on a public scale and meditation on a private scale. The intention of this mixture hopes to investigate a new way of trying to understand cancer."

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Advisors: Scott Ruff / Christopher Gray

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Architecture Commons