Mediating Propagated Consumption: Integrated Shielding for a Wireless World

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Fall 2018


simulation technologies, electromagnetic radiation, design, data-visualization, wireless devices, Internet of Things (IoT), digital transmission, architecture






Manifesting architecture in the physical realm and using simulation technologies that can model specific spatial or programmatic adjacencies will both influence the way we design material performance in response to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The project intention is threefold: to measure, shield, and visualize, mediating propagated consumption. Design and data visualization strategies used by architects can convey social, medical, and environmental messages about the impact of how information is stored and accessed. These messages inform both the occupant and the designer. The college campus is becoming a breeding ground for wireless devices, from academic buildings to residence halls. Growth in residential and academic wireless connectivity as it relates to the explosion in Internet of Things (IoT) devices is cataloged to provide context. This thesis contends that:

There are unseen effects of digital materiality on consumers that come from prolonged exposure to the wireless spread of information- its propagation and consumption- at home, work, and school, which can usefully be modeled in a college campus;

Software can measure wireless transmissions and produce data that drives healthy building design; Architecture can be used as both a physical and representational barrier that acts as a preventative measure: shielding, interfering with, controlling, and mediating these waves by amplifying or attenuating them through surface, material, and form.

Tools can be created to visualize digital transmissions to inform the user and act as a lens for people to understand the imperceptible fields all around us.

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Julie Larsen

Britt Eversole

Sinead Mac Namara


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