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Fall 2018


contemporary architecture, Rajasthan, mosaic, interactive learning, Rajput miniature art, temple






This thesis explores how contemporary architecture can recreate the authentic experience of a historical site by intervening in a historical context such that both historical continuity and contemporary additions manifest in a symbiotic and didactic way.

The project examines how the history of a place is represented and reflected logistically, and how it materially manifests in its built form. In the context of Rajasthan, identification means to acknowledge the ruling past, to embrace its traditions, crafts, and architecture, and to create a contemporary language for the site based on past evidence. The thesis tries to establish a historical continuum using an abandoned fort in Rajasthan as its host, merging historic and contemporary elements and materials on the site. Moreover, the new addition must be distinguishable from the original so that the artistic or historic evidence or adulterate history.

The site acts as a museum of history of place where existing architectural elements play an active role in laying the foundation for the history of place and objects of display. The ceremonial path around the complex changes and adapts to the pre-existing programs on site and argues for history as an instrument of projecting futures.

The museum of history of place does not act as a neutral box for artistic and cultural display, but becomes a device to interact with and view the historical ruins of the palace as they were when built. The addition tries to highlight the history of the site without interfering with the old and creates a mosaic with the new(temporal).

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