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Fall 2018


projective character, visual landscapes, reframed obsolescence, miscalibration, architectural element, chimney






This thesis aims to bring functionally obsolescent architectural elements to the forefront of design analysis, in the pursuit of architectural character over typology. The analysis is not of buildings, but rather how their recognizable ordinary elements can adopt alternate personalities, identities, and attitudes to the landscapes in which they inhabit.

Here, the understanding of what it means to be “ordinary” is critical. The ordinary is always leftover, comedown, fallen. In this, it is seen that we do not remember ordinary typologies, but rather the everyday features and characters that make up their compositions. This thesis seeks to draw on this idea of legibility through the use of projective character.

In this Thesis Prep analysis the author argues for characters with the contradictory qualities, claiming obsolescence is merely a call for the employment of character mis-calibrations.With this in mind, the research focuses on the chimney: a globally recognized architectural element on the verge of functional obsolescence. Here the research aims to propose a fictional landscape composed of projective characters, arguing that the formal and didactic qualities of the architectural chimney promote new and contradictory narratives, with the power to assert their familiar image across novel visual landscapes. Thus, the overarching goal of this thesis is to create a new conversation in what it means to preserve or reframe a visual architectural landscape of obsolescence.

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Nicole McIntosh

Jonathan Louie

Gregory Corso


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