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Fall 2016


cyborg, digital, the stack, megastructure, information networks






More and more humans interface with digital devices to mediate their experiences with external information. This project seeks to explore the architectural implications of this trend as it reaches its logical conclusion in the cyborg mind. Although the project is positioned in the near future, architects practicing today will have to deal with the interaction between their architectural manifestations and the cyborg interface. This does not mean that this is a predictive project. We will be focusing on generating techniques which begin to explore the tools necessary in organizing and envisioning this world, while focusing less on the detailed inner workings of this environment.

What type of environment can mediate between these two worlds? Ultimately, the terms outlined above will be the background for an exercise in world building. By crafting a narrative, we can begin to highlight moments of friction between human visitor and cyborg citizen. Through a mix of conventional representation techniques and augmented overlays we hope to simulate the experiences of each of these users, ultimately demonstrating the necessity of new kinds of architectural organizations for cyborgs. We will produce both renders and film elements that describe this cyborg megastructure, continually checking the world in the images against the parameters of what would constitute Utopia for the cyborg user.


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