Tyler Holdren

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Thesis Prep

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Fall 2016




De Stijl, neoplasticism, painting






This thesis will apply the principles of neo-plasticism to a contemporary building and site. The aim of this project is to extend de Stijl architecture into a contemporary context, making use of modern building methods and materials in an effort to express the full potential of the neoplastic project.

In order to achieve this one must select a site that is contextually scarce as well as one that will allow the building to be experienced from all sides. A site that is not contextually rich will enable a sense of self-referentiality within the project which is a critical theme to address in neoplastic work. As such, the building will assume an autonomous role, distancing itself from exterior phenomena. A site that also allows the building to be viewed from all sides will further promote the sense that the building is completely independent as well as evoke a sense of weightlessness that is so imperative to de Stijl works.

A building will serve as the vehicle for testing this contention, as this project aims to apply principles of neo-plasticism to architecture. In this, it will be important to understand the formal and spatial potential provided by the use of newer materials and building methods. Fully understanding these possibilities will enable one to meet and exceed the general principles outlined the neo-plastic manifesto.


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