Ian M. Jackson
Matthew J. Marinelli

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Fall 2016


beach, sea level rise, barrier islands, storm surge, shore






The oceans take up 71 percent of our planet. For the east coast, Barrier Islands are the first line of defense against storms and will become the most affected areas because of sea level rise in the next hundred years. There is no stopping sea level rise and the time and money spent thus far has not been efficient and requires a different approach.

The barrier islands may be the first line of defense against storms, but they are more than that. There is a long standing allure to the islands that we’ve come to know as beach culture. For most families, it’s a tradition during the summer to travel east or west and experience their favorite beaches, bars, and boardwalks.

In the next decade this island could be devastated and without proper design intelligence the island might not reshape itself.

Our approach to this project may seem fatalistic, but in an effort to preserve the beach culture that we’ve both grown up with we cannot stick our heads in the sand and wait for the inevitability of sea level rise. We believe it is possible to preserve this vital part of regional culture through an architecture and landscape strategy that incorporates barges and boardwalks in an effort to mitigate the potential damages brought on by storm surges and sea level rise through site density and framework.


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