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nursing home, retirement home, university, city within city, hospital, community, village, feilds, objects, links, cluster, common space, collective space, baby boomers




Current retirement homes near universities introduce the burgeoning minds of college students and the academic culture of a university, the lectures, professors, and resources to satisfy the mind, but do not provide a bridge for the experience and knowledge of the elderly to benefit the university. One area of a possible Collective Group Form is the University medical center. The elderly require more medical attention as time goes by and Universities have some of the most advanced and highest ranked geriatrics programs. Perhaps there is a cross over where the university provides medical services and the elderly are available to be studied in research. A retirement community; A city. A city within a city; Within a University. The point of intersection will be a series of programs that promote interaction between resident and student.


Syracuse School of Architecture Thesis Prep

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