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Hurricane Sandy, Breezy Point, Coastal Flooding, Barriers, Community Center, Resiliency, Sectional Intervention, Destruction, Housing, Mangrove, Wave Attenuation, Stormwater Management, Green Roof, Blue Roof


Architectural Technology | Architecture | Construction Engineering | Environmental Design | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


Rather than the water being an obstacle to coastal residential communities, water can act as an opportunity. Instead of barricading these areas from the water, integrating it with the area would create communities that are capable of living in unison with the ocean. This can introduce new typologies of housing that can withstand the continuing rise of sea levels. Blurring the line between land and sea by living with the sea will allow coastal regions to stay afloat, benefiting from ever-changing water conditions. A proposed new housing typology would introduce a new program to coastal neighborhoods, rather than putting up walls. Interacting with the coastal region instead of barricading a community from it, would allow a new housing type to promote publicness.


Syracuse School of Architecture Thesis Prep

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