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agnostic, atheist, corporeal, craft, crowd sourcing, digital fabrication, hospice, euthanasia, religion, spiritual, secular, sacred, atheism, beauty, ineffable space, craftsmanship, intelligent construction, sincerity, irony, kitsch, over drawing, cathedral, community and neighborhood support, hospices in commercial settings, edge sites on medical center campuses, cultural diversity and the hospice environment, control of unwanted sounds, decentralized clusters of parking, security and well-being, environmental sustainability and site selection, climate




I’m interested in the kind of constituency that thinks something along these lines: that

thinks, “I can’t believe in any of this stuff. I can’t believe in the doctrines. I don’t think these

doctrines are right. But,” a very important but, “I love Christmas carols. I really like the art

of Mantegna. I really like looking at old churches. I really like turning the pages of the Old

Testament.” Whatever it may be, you know the kind of thing I’m talking about -- people

who are attracted to the ritualistic side, the moralistic, communal side of religion, but can’t

bear the doctrine. Until now, these people have faced a rather unpleasant choice. It’s almost

as though either you accept the doctrine and then you can have all the nice stuff, or you

reject the doctrine and you’re living in some kind of spiritual wasteland under the guidance

of CNN and Walmart


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