Yuan Yuan

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Thesis Prep

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Spring 2014


Tuan, China, Hutong, Hubeli, Public Space






The ancient Chinese believed that humanity should exist coherently with the nature. In Siheyuan, which are the houses stand along the Hutong, the connection with nature is expressed through the centrally located courtyard. The grey brick walls and the low-angled tile roofs create the ancient atmosphere in that historical area, because the materials are quite different from the factories processed materials of the modern buildings, such as the pre-cast concrete and glass. At the same time, the relationship between family and family is pretty closed in that area. Many tenants have to share a courtyard, sometimes they have to share kitchens and bathrooms as well. There are lots of street markets selling vegetables and meat. Residents are willing to go out of the houses to play, go shopping, or take a rest. The Hutong now becomes a space for social communications to keep in touch with each other.

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