Christopher Malone

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Thesis Prep


Spring 2014


Malone, Voyeurism, Linder, Film






What exactly is that good ‘old fashioned’ voyeurism we find in architecture? It exists in overheard conversations. It lies behind loosely closed doors. It can be found in the corner of a room. sometimes it is hidden amongst the shadows cast by two vertical spaces. Voyeurism is tied to the proximity of performance that space allows to occur. Voyeurism becomes an affected, a want, a need facilitated by unnoticed, forgotten spaces. Sometimes voyeurism exists in the open. It is called upon to legitimize a space or action. These spaces become the most important part of any architecture because they encourage dialogue between what space means and why it exists at all. Combining that ‘old fashioned’ voyeurism with a mechanical apparatus, a machine for viewing, we get the properties that film has always championed. here, in the filmic medium, is where architecture today can root its understanding of the voyeur that is so important to architecture's performative and affective nature.

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