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Thesis Prep

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Fall 2012




Architecture, Energy, Water, Hydro-urbanism, Public Space






"Water is an essential element to human development and urban vitality. As a response to future oil depletion in cities, a new appearance of water emerges in cities: Hydro-urbanism. Through rethinking the potential of water infrastructure in cities, HydroUrbanism situates itself as a spectacular functional event that aims to collect, purify, store, and generate energy within a city. The project reconsiders the production process of water on the periphery of the city and hypothesizes for an integrated process of the production of water to work within the city at an urban scale. Exposing the water infrastructure, fantasizing water, and re-connecting the people back to the element of water. This project will not try to solve an energy problem; instead it is an attempt at looking at the latent potential of a combinatory system of water and the city to create a public and an industrial infrastructural archetype. It is an attempt at exploring methods of imprinting a hybrid of spaces that facilitates the engagement of the society, the urban infrastructure (water infrastructure) and the natural elements that could benefit the city in terms of energy, water access, and public space."


Syracuse University School of Architecture submission

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