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Fall 2012


Architecture, Landscape, Urbanism, Nature, Technology




Architecture | Landscape Architecture


"One of the major goals of this research is to study the relationship between nature and technology as urban generators. I agree with Lisa Tilder and Beth Bostein, who state that instead of using architectural technology to return nature to some impossible, pre-human pristine state, we should consider fully employing the power of architecture to produce new forms of nature. Instead of thinking about the River’s edge as a natural and physical barrier between the water and the city, we should consider it as an opportunity to challenge the image of nature, exploring how it limits or furthers our social desires. A reconceptualization of the River’s edge will help to both establish a more specific control over flooding and create new social spaces that enrich the urban fabric and strive for a sustainable development. This vital realm of the city shouldn’t be ignored during developing process, however, it should be considered a priority equal to that of create the incorporation of new architecture and infrastructure, in order to establish a city that serves all of its inhabitants- both the current residents and those still to come."

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Advisors: Roger Hubeli / Yutaka Sho


Syracuse University School of Architecture submission

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