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Thesis, Senior




Spring 2019


environmental issues, NYC, urban agriculture, healthy life restoration, Brooklyn, Queens, communal space






The metropolitan area we live in faces the environmental as well as social issues such as air pollution, high density, or broken work-life balance, which cause our unhealthy lifestyle. New York City is one of the representative areas where faces social and environmental problems. At the same time, many of the social movements are uprising to overcome those issues. Urban agriculture is part of these movements to restore their healthy life, resisting against food discrimination, or educating the public about health and environmental significance. According to official reports, the number of urban farms reaches 550 through the entire city. However, this figure shows a massive gap between borough by borough, especially Queens and Brooklyn. Therefore, the first step of the research focuses on identifying the background behind this quantitative difference. By investigating the two neighborhoods in each borough, Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn and Sunnyside and Woodside in Queens, this thesis speculates that the social and cultural differences impact on this quantitative gap of community gardens. The variables which influence the basic framework of urban agriculture system are demographic differences, eating habits, and accessibility to open spaces and fresh foods. This work also aims to design the urban agriculture system using affordable and accessible materials as a guideline of urban farming. .This system expects to allow the public to build this system themselves by following the guideline and test how this prototyped urban agriculture system function as a communal space at the different conditions of sites.

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T. Goode

B. Lonsway


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