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Thesis, Senior

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Spring 2013




Architecture, Digital Application, Architect, Occupant




Architecture | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations


My thesis, Reconsidering The User, is a proposal for a digital application that unites the architect and the occupant in the design process of a home by transforming how design criteria are obtained and controlled.

Within the scope of the detached single-family house, my thesis argues that a design process that engages the expertise of both the architect and the occupant has the potential to create a design solution that is more accurately tailored to the preferences of the occupant. This is possible through reconfiguring the information phase of architectural design. Given my background and current entrepreneurial pursuit, best way for me to contribute to the field or architecture was not to design a building, but rather how buildings could be built.

My thesis is the culmination and synthesis of several bodies of research within and outside of the field of architecture, which ultimately results my thesis. It is not a proposal for automatic form generation software; I am not attempting to distinguish good designs from bad designs; and I am not suggesting that it is, in any way, superior to the way architects traditionally work.


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