'Exhibition Interrupted'


Anne Munly

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Spring 4-27-2021


architecture, anne munly, screen, inside, outside, historic, contemporary






Exhibition Interrupted explores the dual nature of the screen as an architectural device. Whether as material space divider or video monitor, screens delineate and regulate the relationship between inside and outside, historic and contemporary, sacred and profane, private and public. Consistent with the hybrid, online-in-person reality that has emerged as a result of the global pandemic, and consistent with this dual reading of the screen, Exhibition Interrupted has been designed as a physical and an online installation that can be experienced in numerous hybrid formats in the Marble Room and on social media.

Three curving wooden screens have been inserted into entry doorways of the Marble Room delineating what is inside and outside the physical exhibition and literally enacting the show’s title, Exhibition Interrupted. While these screens regulate physical movement into and out of the Marble Room gallery space, they also invite us to look through the perforations, through the screens, into the gallery space where we view projections onto the marble wall surface and a display of digitally milled and printed design objects placed throughout the gallery space. Exhibition Interrupted can also be experienced through the screen of a computer or phone where, on select social media platforms, we are able to view a series of films featuring recent projects designed by Anne Munly as well as a discussion about those projects and the challenges and opportunities of designing and exhibiting in the new hybrid online-in-person reality that has become the screens through which and on which we now live our lives.

For more information about the exhibit, visit soa.syr.edu/exhibition-interrupted.



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