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This Studio Publication was made possible by the support of the Syracuse University School of Archi­tecture and the Division of International Programs Abroad. I would also like to extend our appreciation to a number of individuals who contributed directly or indirectly to our studio activity: Judith A. Kinnard who was the Architecture Program Coordinator in Florence, Blake Middleton, Roger Sherwood, and Gianni Pettina who participated in our juries, Eric Frank who provided eminent historical support, and Marshall Segall who as the Resident Chairman of the Florence Center was incomparably supportive of the Architecture Program.

This rather intensive seven-week studio design project would not have succeeded without the en­thusiasm and insight provided by the twelve students who were involved.


Architectural History and Criticism | Architecture


This publication is the result of one semester's design work from the Syracuse University Florence Program. Our purpose in compiling this material is two-fold; in presenting this work as an example of the design activity that occurs at the Florence Center, we intend to reveal the unique opportunity that this Program offers to students from the United States. In addition, we are using this vehicle to address the in­tellectual context within which our students worked during their design process. Giuseppe Vallifuoco and Sergio Petrini (Roman architects and our Visiting Critics) presented a specific bias toward the produc­tion of architecture, and we feel that an explication of their concerns can contribute to an understanding of current architectural activity in Italy.

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