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Spring 6-6-2005


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Architecture | Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


This guide is exclusively dedicated to the housing production of the UDC, both planned and projected during its short life from 1968 - 1975. The guide is organized in three parts: a map that locates projects throughout New York State and New York City, detailed descriptions of selected projects, and a database that lists most, if not all of the UDC housing projects, including those not represented by image and text in the project summaries.

It is the intent of this guide to provide basic statistical information and to locate housing projects so that anyone may visit the projects and compare them. Though the projects are mixed in quality and cover a wide range of housing types from mat to Corbusian "tower in the park" models, collectively they are a testament to what was perhaps the most important housing program in United States history.

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Students: Christopher Hayner, Aaron Hernon, and Kristen Wisnieswki

Professor: Elizabeth Kamell | Assistant Professor | Director, Community Design Center


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