Timothy Gale, Syracuse University

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Spring 2011


hydropolitics, infrastructure






As a response to the geopolitical issues of water importation into London UK, a new political entity emerges: theThink Tank. Through coupling political architecture and water infrastructure, the Think Tank legitimizes itself as a dominant institution for water governance. The project reveals the existing spatial subversion of Think Tanks and physical subversion of Pumping Stations to alter existing political structures by allowing the public to access the territorial.

It does not attempt to solve conflict or tensions, it instead seeks to utilize the architectural methods of coupling new programs and functions in the city to create a political and public paradigm of urban awareness. The project determines a logic which makes the invisible, visible through experience and visuality. Coupling a vertical pumping station with generic Think Tank office space, a new paradigm which discusses issues of territorial movement across scales, political and physical resource and infrastructural flows, rethinking the surface of the city as a responsive framework, and the visibility of information allowing people to access the complexities of our world. Manifesting the political and infrastructural issues of water importation and movement are paramount. The architect becomes a provocateur to generate this active space for dialogue.

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Timothy Gale, advised by Brendan Moran and Julia Czerniak.

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