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"The work presented here is the product of a year-long process that is the culminating experience of a professional education in architecture. It is a process that stresses inquiry and product, research and design, writing and visualization. It has been along-established goal at Syracuse that the final efforts of both the undergraduate and graduate prgrams be indistinguishable from ont another; thus the mixture of undergraduate and graduate award winners.

Each student is advised by a committee of three and the final reviews are graded by a committee of five. Following the final reviews a panel of outside experts is invited to Superjury to see the best of the work. At the end of the day the entire faculty assembles to award the prizes that are recognized here.

The James A. Britton prizes for best thesis are awarded annually. The runner-up Dean's Citations and Thesis Citations are awarded to all students participating in the Superjury."

-Bruce Abbey

Yanel De Angel, M. Arch, "Palio Ritual and Market" Siena, Italy
Gonzalo Diez, M. Arch, "Rural school" Ecuador
Ryan Dillon, B. Arch, "Ansel Adams Gallery" California
Christian Daniels, B. Arch, "Virtual Dwelling" Los Angeles, California
Amador Pons, B. Arch, "Housing the Homeless" New York, New York
H. Philipp Walter, B. Arch, "A Studio Gallery Addition to the Everson Museum of Art" Syracuse, New York
Maria Agostini, M. Arch, "Carmelite Monastery" Puerto Rico
Heidi Christianson, B. Arch, "Community Church, Well, and Market" Haiti
D. Jason Olsen, B. Arch, "Digital Library and Community Archive" New York, New York
Maricel Ramos, M. Arch, "Registration Center and Public Entry" San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ryan Samsa, B. Arch, "Urban Housing" Rochester, New York
Jeffrey Zynda, "INS Border Station" Alexandria Bay, New York

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