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Fall 1991

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Syracuse University Special Collections, Frank C. Laubach, literacy, each one teach one, missionaries, adult education, India, Mahatma Gandhi




Asian History | Asian Studies | Educational Sociology | History | International and Comparative Education


Dr. Frank C. Laubach, missionary and adult educator, dedicated his life to the cause of literacy for development and world peace. During his travels to 103 countries, he worked toward helping some 60 to 100 million people become literate. In addition, he founded or helped found four literacy organizations, including Laubach Literacy International; wrote forty books on adult education, Christian religion, world politics, and culture; and co-authored literacy primers in more than 300 languages. He was awarded four honorary doctorates—one of them from Syracuse University.

Although Laubach worked in many other countries, it is said that his heart was always in India, with her massive problem of illiteracy. He played a vital role in laying the foundations of Indian adult education, and his "each one teach one" approach continues to be used there. This paper, which draws on the Laubach Collection in the George Arents Research Library at Syracuse University, describes his contribution to India.


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