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SVG, Web service, MVC, Publish/subscribe




Computer and Systems Architecture | Computer Sciences


We reformulate Scalable Vector Graphics browser in a Web Service architecture separating the rendering from the W3C DOM processing of events. We describe this in a message-based Model-View-Controller (M-MVC) architecture and implement it with a powerful publish-subscribe messaging infrastructure. A Web Services oriented architecture with services loosely coupled by the exchange of messages is becoming an increasingly important feature in the deployment of Internet applications. The broad applicability of this approach includes enterprise software, e-Learning, e-Science and e-Business. Our work provides a general framework for integrating Desktop and Web Service applications. We summarize the performance results from detailed tests of our prototype. These measurements demonstrate the viability of our approach and identify some key issues influencing the performance of message-based Web and Desktop applications. We note how our architecture elegantly supports the major paradigms for collaboration.


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