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Master of Arts (MA)


Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics


Adam Singerman


contrastive focus;information structure-syntax interface;Palestinian Arabic;phase theory;spell-out;topic

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Linguistics | Social and Behavioral Sciences


This thesis analyzes how the information-structural constituents topic and contrastive focus are syntactically encoded in Rural Palestinian Arabic. In doing so, two original proposals are argued for. First, the syntactic encodement of information-structure is recursive and domain-bound. That is, the same information-structural movements are repeatedly available within multiple domains that differ incrementally from one another in terms of locality: they are available at DP, PP, vP, AspectP, FinP, and ForceP. Second, I argue that, at least in Rural Palestinian Arabic, the information structure literature and the phase theory literature essentially describe the same phenomena, with the central argument being that an information-structural periphery is what a phase escape hatch looks like when it is occupied rather than only used as a point of escape.


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