Date of Award


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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Marty Blake


belonging;existentialism;meaning;self-realization;social change;spiritual home

Subject Categories

Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Psychology


Centered around the concept of “spiritual home” and the enduring human quest for it, this thesis explores how individuals seek a sense of belonging and meaning from the perspective of cultural evolution and literary expression. This thesis first examines the impact of social change from the Industrial Revolution to the present day on people’s sense of belonging, meaning, and identity, and discusses the factors that have influenced the stabilization of the spiritual home. Then, drawing on literature, this thesis investigates several typical ways in which people find their spiritual home, including in nature, the divine presence, love and relationship, and self-realization. In addition, this thesis documents the author’s creation of a picture book that expresses a personal quest for a spiritual home. This work not only reveals the various paths that individuals take to find spiritual belonging but also reflects the author’s introspection and self-discovery, emphasizing that the essence of life and meaning lies in the process of exploration and experience itself. In conclusion, this thesis asserts that the quest for a spiritual home transcends temporal, cultural, and geographical boundaries, affirming the enduring human desire for connection, meaning, and belonging. By offering various approaches to constructing a spiritual home, this thesis aims to empower readers in their own journeys of self-discovery and spiritual fulfillment.


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