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Master of Arts (MA)


Media Studies


Regina Luttrell


AI;Communications;Diffusion of innovations;Feminism;Qualitative interviews;Women artists

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Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Women artists who use physical paints, canvases, charcoal, and pencils to create their work represent a marginalized group in the art world who may be perceived as distanced or removed from artificial intelligence (AI). While AI, art, feminist aesthetics, and media representation are each areas of rich research, they have not yet been brought together. As art itself is reconsidered alongside the rise of AI, this study conducted 20 in-depth, semi-structured qualitative interviews with women artists to understand the implications of choosing to incorporate AI into their work, changes to their artistic processes, adjustments to their communications about their work, as well as the reasons why they may not interact with technology. The interviews captured five themes analyzed using diffusion of innovations as a theoretical framework. These themes paint a more nuanced, and at times surprising, picture of how AI impacts the artistic process and communications of women artists.


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